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                                Serama Myths

As with all breeds, the serama being no exception there are always myths. Here are some common serama myths and facts.


Q : Are serama too fragile to be kept by novice poultry keepers? MYTH


A : Serama, although small are easy to keep provided they are fed and cared for correctly. Whilst their eggs may require some practice to achieve a sucesful hatch, chicks as well as adults if housed, fed and cared for appropriately make charming and surprisingly hardy little pets.  Please do not jump in and buy serama on a whim, always do thorough research before going out and purchasing any pets. 


Q : I've been told serama eggs Serama eggs cannot be candled is this true? MYTH


A : Serama eggs CAN be candled with no evidence of any ill-effects. Provided a candling lume or device which emmits very low heat (a cool lume or light box) is used, serama eggs can be candled just the same as any other chicken breed.  


Q : I'm told Serama do not crow, is this true? MYTH

A : Do not be dissillusioned by claims stating serama as a breed do not crow. This is of course false, they are merely small chickens so it is natural that they should crow. Serama do crow, though they are in general quieter than other larger breeds. Saying this though you must consider the size of your serama, as an A class sized male may rarely crow or produce a very feeble crow, whilst B class sized males can crow just as loud as some of the other breeds of true bantam with a C class sized bird being able to produce a relatively loud crow. I personally have kept serama since 2004 and as such have bred serama in the tens, yet I have never ever had a serama who has never crowed. I personally live in a suburban area with houses to the front, rear and both sides and keeping serama outdoors is difficult, (even tiny A sized males) without receiving complaints from neighbours, most of my birds are housed indoors where their crows cannot be heard, though larger breeds crows would be heard despite being housed indoors. I do believe that there are some breeders attempting to breed birds who do not crow through selective breeding.


 Q : Im told that ALL serama carry the lethal gene. Is this true? MYTH

A: Only serama with short legs carry the lethal gene. Serama with long legs do not.


Short legs X Long legs

Short legs X Short legs

Long legs X Long legs


 50% short legs

 50% long legs

25% dead in shell  (lethal factor)

25% long legs

50% short legs

  100% long legs

All short legged chicks will carry the short legged gene and can therefore produce chicks with lethal factors when bred back to a short legged mate, while none of the long legged chicks will carry the short legged gene and when bred to a long legged mate will produce no short legged chicks and no chicks carrying the lethal factor.

Q: I have bought some frizzle feathered serama, but I've read on a website that I cannot show them. Is this true? MYTH

 A: This is totally false. While here in the UK the frizzle serama is not yet recognised by the Serama club GB, it can still be exhibited at any show provided it is entered into a non standard breed class, some websites contradict this, though if you contact Mrs Anne Bachmet Secretary of the Poultry Club Of Great Britain then she will be able to confirm that it is possible to exhibit these birds provided they are not shown alongside standardised serama. 

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