Malaysian Serama Bantams

Malaysian serama, Serama bantams, World's smallest Chicken

                                                               Serama on facebook!

 In 2010 I decided to set up a group dedicated to The Malaysian Serama Bantam on facebook where people not only from the UK, but all over the World can meet, talk to each other, share photos, videos and information on this wonderful breed of poultry.

 The group was an immediate success with over 100 members from the UK, USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Spain, France, Sweden and Norway joining in just 6 months!

The group flourished and has now got almost 1000 members from all parts of the World all sharing the friendly and welcoming atmosphere, where all are welcome and feel safe to give their opinions, share thoughts, stories, pictures, videos and ideas without fear of what might be thought of them. 

We have held 2 online serama photograph competitions which saw over 65 entries! And will soon be hosting, video competitions and auctions too!

Unlike some unscrupulous sites members are only allowed to join on the basis that they agree to maintain a friendly and unthreatening demeanor at all times. While healthy debates are welcomed, name calling, slander, lies and rumours are forbidden and those found to be engaging in such activities will be removed. There are no cliques or hierarchy within this group and all members enjoy the same status.

  I pride myself on providing a safe and friendly environment free from any distasteful behaviour for serama enthusiasts from all over the World, of all ages and of all walks of life!


Log into facebook and request to join in the fun here!

Please note we have a strict administration team who will block and remove anyone threatening the peace and safety of our group. If you do not intend to join to have fun and share with friends then we kindly request you do not join.