Malaysian Serama Bantams

Malaysian serama, Serama bantams, World's smallest Chicken

                                  Serama as pets


In its home country of Malaysia the serama outnumbers the cat and the dog as the most popular pet. They are often kept in the house due to their small size. Here in the UK the serama's popularity as a pet is increasing though most are housed outdoors for hygiene reasons. 

The serama makes a great pet as it takes up little space, makes less noise than larger chickens and is easy to handle due to it's small size and friendly nature. Whilst some will advise against serama being children's pets, I believe that the serama makes an excellent childs pet. The serama, contrary to popular belief is a generally hardy little breed. Mine are hatched alosngside Belgian & Dutch bantams which can be almost double the size of serama chicks, they are reared together & the seramas are almost always the dominant birds in the pen despite the sometimes huge size differences. My serama are brought up with my children aged 3 and 2 and are handled by the children from just days of age. This, in my opinion builds their strong and confident characters, which are a must for this little breed. I give no special treatment to my seramas and they are reared & kept in the exact same way as I would keep any other breed of chicken. Although this said I do give more bedding to the seramas during winter as their small size means they do get colder, but other than this some of my serama (those not in breeding pens) are housed outdoors all year round and were even outdoors and thriving in the snow!

When children are handling serama they must always be supervised as a rough child may injure them. Short periods of handling are great for serama as they do very much enjoy being the centre of attention. Children will learn compassion through handling serama gently, they will also learn responsibility through keeping a pet as they will be responsible for helping with the upkeep, eg helping to clean out, feed & water. 

IMAGE_399.jpg picture by My-little-chick
My oldest son, aged just 3 years being supervised whilst gently handling a week old silkied serama chick. 
IMAGE_392-1.jpg The serama youngster is often cheeky and inquisative and will often perch on your hand or as in this pictrure of my son and a young grower pullet, she has made herself at home on his foot!






Here is a video of my oldest son at the age of just 2years, showing how a supervised child can proficiently and safely handle a serama provided they are shown how. Children and serama make good companions, as serama have inquisitive natures and are usually unafraid of children, showing no agression or nervousness.