Malaysian Serama Bantams

Malaysian serama, Serama bantams, World's smallest Chicken


Showing can be a wonderfully rewarding hobby, although it does have its drawbacks. The breeding, preperation and hard work is displayed for all to see at show to be judged and placed according to quality, adherement to the breed standard and persentation. It is a rush awaiting the judges decision and a thrill to win.

Before showing it is always advisable to read up on the breed standard in depth first and make sure the bird you intend to show meets as many aspects of the desired standard as closely as possible. Birds destined to be shown need to be kept in clean conditions to maintain optimum condition in order to do well at a show. It is also best to house showbirds individually (during the showing season) to prevent other birds from damaging their plumage.

Birds must be clean - bathe your birds in a gentle baby shampoo or pet shampoo (do not use flea or medicated shampoos)

Ensure your bird's plumage is clean with no staining

Wash your bird's face & comb gently with a damp cloth taking care of the eyes

Wash your birds legs and clean the scales to remove trapped dirt ( an old toothbrush comes in handy for this job, though remember not to use it for yourself afterwards!!!)

You may allow your bird to dry naturally provided it is kept in a warm environment where it will not chill, otherwise a hairdryer works wonders and speeds up the drying process

Ensure all nails are trimmed and the beak is also trimmed and in good shape

A small amount of vaseline or baby oil on legs, comb and wattles greatly enhances the apprearance of the showbird (be careful not to get any on the feathers as this gives a horrible greasy appearance)

Do not cut or trim feathers

Do not dye or colour feathers

Do not use hairsrpay or any other chemicals to falsely enhance your bird

Never modify your birds through surgical means

Although there are ups and downs to showing there is nothing more rewarding than seeing your bird that you bred and nurtured from a chick do well.  Judges comments on your bird also give encouragement and are essential in improving your birds.

I have shown my serama on several occasions and they have been placed in the top 3 each time they have been exhibited. I have achieved a prize card with my seramas every time I have shown them and not once since 2004 have I left a show empty handed.

My birds have won numerous 1st prizes in the Any Other Variety True Bantam classes at PCGB and PCW local, Regional and Championship shows. I retain all my show cards & rosettes as mementos but also for those who wish to view them.

I enjoy exhibiting my birds and was introduced to showing from a young age, attending poultry shows as a small child with my grandparents. However I did not exhibit my own birds until 2003 when my husband Robert Rees and I exhibited together for the first time. My husband had exhibited birds since  was hea young child with his father and brother as K. R. Rees & Sons. He had given up showing for a few years to pursue football dreams.

We have exhibited together ever since and have gained good results with our birds which have increased and improved with each year. Producing excellent quality birds which perform well is our passion. We are not interested in profits or accolades, our goal is to produce birds to be proud of. And nothing makes us more proud of what we have produced than seeing the birds perform in their show pens, regardless of whether they win or not. 

 Some of our successes.

Picture1302-1.jpg picture by showgirl1