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                                                                      Thank you!

I just want to say thank you to those who've helped me through my serama journey. I've met many friends along the way and seen so much kindness and support. To the people who've been there for me, you know who you are, thank you!

Sadly I've also seen the ugly side of people. It's such a shame that with competition comes jealousy, back stabbing, rumor and abuse. Why when you have better than them must people try to destroy you?? What ever happened to being happy for others?? Though to those who've involved themselves in such behavior I also thank you. Without your input I don't think I would have been as strong and as determined as I am today. And the fact that no one has ever had the courage to speak to me in person, just hide behind their computer screens and say mean things has made me realise, I am better than them, stronger than them and they'll fall by the wayside when their little games fail. I've seen many faces come and go, but I'm still here watching them disappear, flashes in the pan as it were.

Without the input of friends and enemies I would have probably settled for second best, or even given up. But thanks to you guys I'm still breeding serama 10 years later and I'm proud of my achievements.

I've finally achieved my goals of Malaysian type serama here in the UK. I've struggled, strived and fought to get to this point and give the most sincerest of thanks to those who've stood my my side, offered kind words, comfort and given me the strength to carry on. To those who've phoned me to show me they care, who've messaged me with kind words and those who've visited me and had chats thank you, it means so very much. And to those who sent me abusive, threatening, evil and sick emails, letters and messages I also thank you, you've showed me that you care too. To go out of your way to do that means you obviously feel strongly about me and my birds, that makes me feel so good, you're jealous and I'm flattered. So again thank you.

So to all my friends I'd like to say

 To my enemies I want to say

 Watch this space there's more to come...........